Transition from “Manufactured by Leili” to “Manufactured with intelligence”.

Relying on the provincial level industrial design center, Leili developed the first automation product line on its own, which has a capability of manufacturing 200 million units motors. And through ERP, PLM and MES system, we can manage and monitor the workshop, production, staff, quality, material and environment to drive Leili production, efficiency forward.

Engineering center

“Made with intelligency” is a core competitiveness. Leili established a team on developing the automation product line. By purchasing automation production equipment and Andon system, we can realize the product 100% inspected at production line, so that we can improve the production flow rate, reduce the NG rate, and better cost saving performance. Leili’s engineering center establish the motor assemble technique and skills which can totally fulfill Leili’s requirement. It’s awarded the “provincial engineering center” by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.

Intelligentized manufacture

Taking advantages of HRM, ERP, MPS, MES, SCM, WMS and BI to realize the high automation and intelligence, Leili can drive an intelligent transition to gain a better core competitiveness by sharing the sources internally, coordinating internally, and giving quick response and accurate management.