• 2018Process construction incentive meeting

  • Welding technology learning

  • Staff training

Learning and training/Leili and staffs grow together

Each year Leili holds different training lessons about position knowledge and skills, and set an online training network for staffs.

  • Badminton Competition

  • Sports meeting

Employees' games/exercise, strong body and rich amateur life

Each year Leili regularly holds employee sports games to encourage employees to participate in sports and outdoor games, coordinating work and life, maintaining a good mental state and a positive attitude towards life.

  • 2018 Mid Autumn Festival

  • 2018 hand in hand "action" to action

  • Dragon Boat Festival

  • Staff development

The commemorative day activities/activities are rich and diverse, stimulating the passion of employees

Each year Leili holds different and diverse actions for important memorial days to enhance staff's sense of belonging to build Leili's company culture, so that every Leili staff can feel the warm of company and progress with Leili.

  • "Speak for Leili's high quality" speech contest

  • Employee Skills Competition

Skills contestsmotivate employees to love the line

Each year Leili holds different competitions for position knowledge, skills and position demonstration. All games in the competitions are related to staff's daily work, like banding the cable, wrap the tapes, spot welding, PCB soldering and so on. The purpose is to offer a fair and just chance for each staff to show the skills and talent to encourage staff's motivation to learn and study the skills. By continuously training on the skills, Leili builds a worker team with higher tech quality and skills.