Jiangsu Leili won the Changzhou Patent Gold Award2020-18-09

On March 24th, the Changzhou Government issued the “Decision on the awarding the Third Changzhou Patent Award”. After the procedures of application recommending, data review, on-site defense, compressive evaluation and publicity, Jiangsu Leili Motor Co., Ltd stands out among many other companies and successfully wins the “Gold Award of third Changzhou Patent Award” by applying the patent invention of “Drainage control device and washing machine applied with (ZL201410403116.X)”. This Award is the highest honor that Changzhou Government established in patent award. Winning this award fully reflects the Government’s recognition of Leili’s creative innovation and the excellent intellectual property management.
On April 26th, the World Intellectual Property Day, the deputy mayor of Changzhou, Ms. Xu Zheng, and other officers visited Jiangsu Leili to award the “Gold Award of third Changzhou Patent Award”.