Advance the motor industry with excellence and leadership


People-oriented, market-oriented and customer-oriented, Win by quality, focus on risk, Focus on prevention, continuous improvement, and sustainable operation.


Integrity, pragmatism, harmony, innovation


Committed to be the first-class manufacturer in the motor industry

Integrity/the foundation of the enterprise, is also the fine tradition of Leili Motor

The concept of honesty that Leili believes:
· Treat shareholders, honest and pragmatic;
· Treat employees, respect and fairness;
· Treat customers, speak and act;
· Treat partners, keep promises;
· Treat society, sincere returns.

Pragmatic/the foundation of enterprise development and the personality of the company founder

Leili people oppose formalism, abandon the red tape, and advocate simplicity and pragmatism in execution;
Always adhere to performance-oriented, focus on results and practical.

Harmony/harmony is a realm, a beauty of harmony

Harmony is a realm, a beauty of harmony,
The goal is shareholder satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and social satisfaction;
In Leili motor, "harmony" means creating value, benefiting all parties, scientific development.

Innovation/The source of enterprise power

Seek change and transcend, advance with the times;
change old ideas and create new ideas;
Have the courage to explore, dare to work hard;
change is no end and innovation is no limit

Seek to change beyond, keep up with the times

Pay close attention to environmental changes and accurately judge the direction of industry and market development.
Adjust yourself, adapt to the situation, and lead the industry to develop new trends.

Transform old ideas and create new ideas

Extensively learn and draw on the new ideas of contemporary science, realize technology products, management, and systems innovation through the innovation of ideas.

Have the courage to explore, dare to fight

Constantly challenge the stereotypes, continue to break through the self, and abandon the "keeping" mentality,
Establish the spirit of "struggle", dare to be the first in the world, and continue to consolidate competitive advantage through continuous change.

Change is no end and innovation is no limit

The only way to continue to be successful is to innovate constantly, through continuous self-assessment and criticism,
Discover new problems, find new demands, open up new avenues, and create new realms.