High-tech Enterprise" Certification for Leili2018-13-11


April 22, 2013, Leshi Leili officially received "high-tech enterprise” certification from  Wujin District Technology Bureau, which means the end of reporting work. And we smoothly enter into the policy enjoyment and qualifications maintenance phase.
This high-tech enterprise qualification started from October 25, 2012.
At the same time, besides six high-tech product certifications in Jiangsu Province, our drain actuator, stepper motor, gearbox motor, etc  received five high-tech products certifications from Wujin District Technology Bureau.
Leshi Leili establishes the technology center, Automation Engineering Center, laboratories and other research institutions; annual R & D expenditure account for 3% of sales, to support the company's R & D activities; By the end of 2012, we received 6 high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, a total of 67 authorized patents, including 2 invention patents.