Clean Production Enterprise--Leili Motor2018-13-11

Adhere to the National Environmental Policy, Leshi Leili Was Approved as Provincial Clean ProductionEnterprise.

Key Words: Micro motor, stepper motor, clean production, environment friendly

LeshiLeili Motor Co., Ltd. Changzhou responded positively to SEPA on cleaner production notice. In March 2012, we started the clean production audit reporting. Lasted about a year, we won acceptance of the Expert Group from Changzhou EPA Field on December 27, 2012 and publicity in Changzhou Environmental Network.
According to expert advice and on-site assessment, the rating scale is good and the effect of cleaner production audit is obvious.
Clean production is a simple and clear idea, it is our corporate guideline - " use clean raw materials, lower material consumption in motor production, every new product must be better than the previous ones, create happiness for the community.
As a company with more than one thousand types of products, it is not easy to be better than previous and permeate environmental protection and cleaning concept into every aspect of production. However, over the past 20 years, our colleagues always think and work in accordance with the principles. "ecology" has become the buzzword worldwide at the moment, the whole system attatches great importance to this. After many years of work in practice, we have accumulated a number of effective methods, also more firm belief. We give full play to creativity, to create more powerful and efficient motors, which will slowly hold high green flag, and can often make a huge leap forward.